The documentary miniseries about the real life of six Swiss deep tech startups.

Start-up observes early stage entrepreneurs in their labs and shines a light on innovation and entrepreneurship in deep tech without hype. An immersion in the Swiss startup ecosystem; no voice-over, raw, instructive. Not an explainer video, but a conversation starter.

Episode 1

Startups prepare for pitches, work in their labs and produce new samples for potential customers. A TV journalist asks a founder tough questions. The new artificial intelligence chip does not yet perform as expected, while the drone suffers from a mysterious software bug.

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Episode 2

Founders juggle expectations of investors and employees. A startup travels to Germany for a trade show. The drone finally works and is ready for its first job. A female entrepreneur talks about her experiences in a man’s world. Is entrepreneurship really a lonely business?

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Episode 3

Investors grill startups and talk shop about how the business really works. The AI startup expands into China. Meanwhile, the biggest startup event of the year takes place in Switzerland. How do the founders balance out the stress of entrepreneurship to keep their vision alive?

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Start-up: The Miniseries

Start-up is an independent observational documentary miniseries (3 x 30 minutes) about the real life of six deep tech startups that want to change the world. Film director Manuel Stagars followed their journey on the leading edge in artificial intelligence, drones, additive manufacturing, cleantech, and biotech.

This observational series offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the startup life, showing the hopes, dreams and challenges of the young entrepreneurs who want to make a big impact in the world out of Switzerland.


The daily work of scientists and entrepreneurs is often invisible to the public eye, unless they are famous. Start-up shines a light on the work of early stage entrepreneurs in deep tech and lets the audience observe them in their labs and workshops. This one-of-a-kind miniseries gives down-to-earth access to entrepreneurship, innovation and future technologies that often emerge out of startups in Switzerland, far from Silicon Valley.

To read more about the production of Start-up, feel free to read this article on LinkedIn.

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Meet the Entrepreneurs

These interviews took place behind the scenes and introduce the entrepreneurs and their startups who appear in the miniseries.

The interviews with the startup entrepreneurs from the series are available as a podcast, too.

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A Documentary by Manuel Stagars

Manuel Stagars is a Swiss film director and autor. His documentary films focus on science, innovation and technology and their impact on society.

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Start-up is as a project within the programme “Scientainment” by Gebert Rüf Stiftung.




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